Want Export Quality Meat at Discount Prices?

Order meat online and we’ll deliver to your Auckland-based office free of charge. Buy single cuts of meat, or meat by the carton for even greater discounts!

To take advantage of these offers, each office must buy a minimum of 20kg. You place your order individually, and we then collate the orders for each office. If, after collating the orders, your office has ordered less than 20kg, we will send you an email to remind you to drum up more sales from your colleagues. By buying as a group you receive top quality meat at heavily discounted prices. So tell your colleagues about these great deals!

How It Works

Check out the cuts of meats by clicking the products tab in the header above. To buy meat, click the “add to cart” button beneath the item. Once you have selected the meat pieces and cartons you want, click “checkout” to place your order. 

Single cuts of meat are priced by the piece and cartons are priced by the kilogram. As the weight of cartons vary, the exact cost of your order will be confirmed by invoice in the second week of December

We take orders in the first week of each month. In the second week, you are emailed the invoice and pay using online banking. In the third week we deliver.

WEEK 1 (Dec 1 - 5) – Place your orders online.     

WEEK 2 (Dec 08 - 12) – Receive your invoice and pay online via banking transfer.  

WEEK 3 (Dec 15 - 19) –The order is delivered to your office.


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